Lauren Arielle



Lauren is an internationally published model/artist/writer/talent scout and a humanitarian of sorts. Lauren's career in the arts and humanities started as early as three years of age, when her mother involved her in the nonprofit industry. At the same time, Lauren's interest in music grew as well, and she was able to teach herself how to play the piano and many other instruments. By the time Lauren was thirteen years old, she placed second in her school's talent show, was named the President of Student Council of the entire student body, and had allocated a decade of experience in community service/volunteer work.

In the coming years, Lauren would accomplish a great deal. She would be named the youngest soloist in her high school choir, she would win a national finalist title in a speech competition, receive a cosmetology's license at the age of seventeen, and graduate with a 4.0+ GPA. Lauren's passion for the arts would allow her to excel in many fields. She also interned under a lawyer, campaigned for Obama, and won a scholarship for a chemistry project before she received her high school diploma.

Lauren's ability to lead would come in handy when she started modeling at the age of eighteen. Just years later, Lauren turned her modeling career into something greater, as she was able to mix her talents, knowledge and her love of the arts into a triple threat. With her work history including GQ Magazine, New York Fashion Week, and being a former business manager in the ever-so-competitive race car industry; Lauren would work professionally as a figure head, headliner model and a voice of reason for talent agencies, entrepreneurs and brands from all over the world. Fast forward to present day; she manages her own accounts and is currently pursuing a diploma in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Economies from Harvard Business School. You can find a complete list of Lauren's experience and professional networks at her LinkedIn profile: 

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Photographer: Can Bennett