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About: Alec lai


During Lauren's flourishing career in the arts, entertaining, media and design; she has had the pleasure and opportunity to work with MIT and Harvard's very own, Mr. Alec Lai. During Lauren and Alec's ever-so-amusing partnership, they have discussed many issues involving education, community, app development, and the betterment of managerial services among corporations- both big and small. Together, Lauren and Alec, have develop some groundbreaking concepts that help companies perform better with their staff and their consumers. Below, you will read about Alec's life, fun facts about him, and his growing list of achievements.

Self-made serial entrepreneur, contracted crisis/event manager, data junkie, traveling motivational speaker and educator. Alec strongly believes that passion, hope, stories, and experiences are the key to successful business management and personal growth, but even creating memories are grounded on clever and effective application of data and planning. He teaches these unique learnings to audiences across the US of all age groups.


At age 26, Alec has made a brand creating these exciting and entertaining experiences, from conventions and speeches to programs and seminars, or running these experiences for top-level vendors. Here are a few highlight examples:

  • Presented unique, immersive, and enlightening content at over 60 different programs, seminars, events, or conventions in several states to audiences of up to 500 people.
  • Seven past students from classes or mentorships have now started successful businesses. Four of them have been named in Forbes 30 Under 30. Has worked with students from over 17 different countries and 40 different US states.
  • Directed operations at RSI (the top merit international STEM program) for five years and the interactive arena at SXSW for two years.
  • Was the founder of Boxaroo, the top Yelp and Facebook-rated (unanimous 5-star reviews) escape room in Boston.
  • Attended MIT for Business Management and Harvard University for Educational Policy and Management. Seeks to create innovative education through business in entertainment.

Random Fun Facts (Do with it what you will):

  • Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Raised in Cleveland, OH. Now, calls Boston, MA home!
  • Favorite legendary animal is the phoenix (And, also generally addicted to birds.)
  • Secret lover of strategic card games and addicted to YouTube cover artists.
  • Cooks a lot (and cooks well). Cooking is his artwork of choice. Strongly believes that vegetables are ultimately what makes a dish shine, and not the meat.
  • Reads textbooks as bedtime reading, especially in social science and math.
  • Favorite pat-on-the-back achievement: Got the top deal across all participants in each and every MIT negotiation exercise he participated in as a student (16 total).
  • Longest (and ongoing) celebrity crush: Sara Bareilles

Should you have any proposals or questions for Lauren and Alec, you can reach them by going to the contact page, or by email, which can be found below in the social media section.